How to come out of comfort zone…

In my previous post Comfort Zone is a danger zone… we have discussed how comfort zone can become a danger zone for us and there are many disadvantages of being in comfort zone.

So now let’s start the journey of coming out of the comfort zone, Yes you get it right it will be a journey… So let’s begin…

How to come out of comfort zone:

— Take the first step: Whatever we want to achieve anything in life taking the fist step toward that is very important. So here the good news is that you have already taken the first step to come out of your comfort zone as you are reading a post on this topic.

— Challenge yourself: Start challenging yourself and complete small challenges and you will see this is making a big impact. e.g. If you are not comfortable in talking to stranger take a challenge of talking to 10 strangers in a month. The beauty of taking a challenge is it will keep motivating you to complete it.

— Take little Risk: Given a choice don’t always pick up the easy or safe choice, start choosing the little risky / uncomfortable choice.

— Add new habits: Habits forms us, If you change your habits, they will surely change your life. Pick up few new habits like Reading a Book, watching some motivational videos, start exercising.

— Change your routine: This you might find little strange but believe me it will surely work. Simply change few of your routines.
Example could be when you go to ‘Place A’ from your home almost daily, then this time just take a different route to reach ‘Place A’ and observe the different things on your way. Another example could be just go to a different Restaurant this time. Like this you can make your own list and see the difference.

— Ask Few questions to yourself: The list is ready here You want to know your progress in life… Ask these questions to yourself… Click and read this post.

— Do what you are afraid of: So change your thinking and do the things you are afraid of. The only way to conquer your fear is to face it. If it scare you its a sign you need to do it.

As I always say Quotes or motivational post won’t work unless you work.
So make a list of your fears or your comfort zones and with the help of above discussed points, make a list of your own solutions to come out of your comfort zone.


If you tried and able to read this image is itself a sign that you are trying to come out of your comfort zone… Congratulations….

In my next post we will discuss the advantages or life outside the comfort zone…


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