15 ways to stay Motivated [Re-Blog]

The post discusses the concept of motivation, its types (intrinsic and extrinsic), and its significance in various aspects of life. Motivation serves as the initial driving force for actions and goals. Intrinsic motivation is fueled by personal enjoyment, while extrinsic motivation stems from external rewards. Motivation’s role in achieving goals, productivity, personal growth, well-being, and success is highlighted.

Maintaining motivation involves setting goals, visualizing success, celebrating achievements, seeking inspiration, dividing tasks, challenging negative thoughts, and establishing routines. However, motivation alone is not sufficient; discipline is crucial. Discipline sustains effort when motivation diminishes, builds habits, overcomes challenges, and ensures long-term success.

The importance of discipline and motivation working together is illustrated using the example of training for a marathon. The individual’s motivation initiates the goal, while discipline ensures consistent effort throughout training.

Additional strategies for maintaining motivation over the long term are provided, including goal review, adaptability, visualization, curiosity, support networks, mindfulness, gratitude, variety, self-care, and embracing setbacks.A personal experience of regaining fitness motivation is shared, emphasizing the importance of planning, setting goals, accountability, analytics, and consistency. The individual learned from initial failures and developed a successful approach by setting clear goals, scheduling workouts, and maintaining accountability.

In conclusion, the post emphasizes that motivation and discipline are intertwined, driving success by initiating action and sustaining effort. The combination of motivation and discipline, along with effective planning and accountability, can lead to achieving goals and maintaining positive habits.

5 Ways To Find Motivation When You Have None [Re-blog]

I have recently came across this wonderful post, so thought of sharing it here. The post talks about 5 ways to help you find Motivation when you have none:

  • Just start with one task
  • Reward yourself when you complete tasks
  • Use your favorite music
  • Be outside with nature
  • Find it from others

The post explained how you can use above 5 ways to find Motivation in details and this post is concluded with 5 powerful motivational quotes.

Please check out this post at below link… This is how post start with…

Feeling unmotivated can happen to the best of us and sometimes you get into such a slump that even thinking about making positive changes seem too hard. Whether you can’t get motivated to clean or you just aren’t feeling motivated to work or study, a lack of motivation can […]

5 Ways To Find Motivation When You Have None — Bournemouth Girl

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If you want to understand why People do not appreciate and motivates you and how should you tackle this. Please have a look at below post which will answer all your questions:

Why People do not appreciate you

Value Your Life… 9 useful tips [Re-blog]

Searching for how to be happy and to feel good about ourselves and the life we lead is a task that many of us have yet to accomplish. A fundamental guideline, like a first step, in order to do this is the following: it is necessary to learn how to fully know ourselves and to know how […]

Value Your Life

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone – 6 ways [Re-blog]

Comfort zone is a danger zone, and you need to understand this and try to step out your comfort zone. Lets discuss how to come out of the comfort zone.

Yet another re-blog, Today I have read this beautiful post which talks about, how can we come out of comfort zone. The Author talk about 6 ways to step out of the comfort zone.

So before we talk about the ways how to come out of comfort zone, lets talk about the disadvantage of the comfort zone:

10 disadvantages of comfort zone, you:

  1. will lose your uniqueness and become like any other.
  2. are simply surviving.
  3. You become fearful of taking new things and challenges.
  4. You start living in a very dull life.
  5. are just going through life, not growing through life.
  6. You normally start procrastinating things.
  7. You are settling for less, whereas you deserve more.
  8. are playing very safe, not taking any risks.
  9. You are just getting by.
  10. will regret being in the comfort zone.

You can read this post in full details here,

Comfort Zone is a danger zone, nothing grows there

6 ways to step out of the comfort zone, these are:

  1. Become more curious
  2. Change your daily routine
  3. Start a challenge
  4. Go Out
  5. Learn something new
  6. Take a different route

The Author has beautifully explained each of the above steps and you can access and read the original post here,

Stepping out of your comfort zone is very important to me. Over the last few years I’ve noticed the importance of pushing myself. Just to get outside my comfort zone, learn something new and challenge myself. What are 5 easy ways to step out of your comfort zone? How can you get out of your […]

6 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone — The Curvaceous Vegan

So, by now we have discussed the disadvantages or being in comfort zone and how we can come out of comfort zone, let us now discuss, how our life will be once we come out of the comfort zone.

Advantages of coming out of the comfort zone:

  1. More adaptive to change
  2. More Creative
  3. Your life become exciting
  4. More Productive
  5. Increase in Self – confidence
  6. More control over life

Read more about these advantages at

Life outside your comfort zone…

Step out of your comfort zone

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