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Life changing advice by Quotes – Series… 1

Make sure the person you are choosing over everyone else is also choosing you. Your future needs you, Your past doesn’t. Cheating is a choice whereas Loyalty is a responsibility. Sometime people can’t be there for you, because they are not there for themselves. Respect that. Your time will definitely come, but also learn to…

500 posts, Excited, we all together made this possible

Hello Friends, It’s been 3 year plus I have started this blog and today my blog has published 500 posts. It became possible only because of your continuous love and support for me and my blog. You all have always appreciated my work and motivated me to write more. Thanks a lot to each one…

How to Build Resilience, 10 smartest and practical ways

In the current pandemic situation, it is very important for all of us to build resilience. Let us understand 10 practical ways to build resilience.

Six Rules to live an attractive and meaningful Life

Today let us discuss Six Rules to live an attractive and meaningful Life. These six rules are further made up of six sub rules so that we can understand each rule perfectly.

Habits that reduces our productivity, focus and efficiency

Productivity is getting the results you want with less time and effort. but what are the activities or habits that reduces our productivity and focus.

Learn to overcome failure first, if you want SUCCESS

It is true that you can learn much more from failure than from success. Learn to overcome failure and Success is guaranteed. Let us discuss the ways.

Motivational Life Quotes to guide you to live beautiful life

Hello Friends, I have compiled these Motivational Quotes which guide us to live a beautiful life… Read these quotes and share your feedback.

Resolutions for New Year… Happy New Year 2021…

Every year brings with it another chance to become who you want to be. Happy New Year. So to achieve this let’s make few Resolutions for New Year.

Boost your Willpower to make yourself mentally strong

Learn how to increase your willpower with these unique methods. These simple and effective tips will increase your willpower and make you mentally strong.

Daily Motivation – Day 300

When we build a house, every brick is important. When we build our character, every thought is important. Feed the mind daily with quality positive thoughts. Have a great day…


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