Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 3

When we watch television, we normally avoid Ads. However, if you watch the ad slogans carefully and listen there slogans, gives us Learning about life.

When we watch television we normally avoid watching Advertisements. However, if you watch the advertisement carefully and listen there slogans, many of the Ad slogan gives us Learning about life. We can apply those little slogans in our life and we can surely improve our life.

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Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 2

1. Airtel   : Express Yourself

We must learn to express ourselves. Most of the time we have many things to say, but we fail to express ourselves. This could be because of lack of self – confidence, thinking that what other will say.

Please keep in mind that “ To gain knowledge, we must learn to ask the right questions; and to get answers, we must act, not wait for answers to occur to us.”

 2. LIC: Zindagi ke Saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi

We must live such a life that people remember us during our life as well as after our life got over.

3. Airtel– Kyun ki har ek friend jaruri hota hai


4. Head & Shoulders: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Learn How to overcome failure first, if you want SUCCESS

It is true that you can learn much more from failure than from success. Learn to overcome failure and Success is guaranteed. Let us discuss the ways.

It is true that you can learn much more from failure than from success, and it is true that every successful person went through a series of failures before reaching the top. The thing which is important here is not success, what is important is overcoming failure. So today let us learn How to overcome failure.

The truth is that failure is never the end of the road. It is simply an indicator that there are some parts of ourselves and our lives that we need to put more effort into in order to get the results that we desire.

Story of Caterpillar:

A biology teacher was teaching his students how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. He told the students that in the next couple of hours, the butterfly would struggle to come out of the cocoon. But no one should help the butterfly. Then he left.

The students were waiting and it happened. The butterfly struggled to get out of the cocoon, and one of the students took pity on it and decided to help the butterfly out of the cocoon against the advice of his teacher. He broke the cocoon to help the butterfly so it didn’t have to struggle anymore. But shortly afterwards the butterfly died.

When the teacher returned, he was told what happened. He explained to this student that by helping the butterfly, he had actually killed it because it is a law of nature that the struggle to come out of the cocoon actually helps develop and strengthen its wings. The boy had deprived the butterfly of its struggle and the butterfly died.


“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

“There is no such thing called failure, there are always outcome or result.”

Learn How to overcome Failure:

“Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. you have got a dream, you gotta protect it. when people can’t do something themselves they are going to tell you that you can’t do it. you want something. go get it.”

“Be like a postage stamp, stick to a thing till you get there.”

1. Acknowledge the failure and Embrace your Emotions:

It is important to acknowledge failure in your life when it happens. Failure is accompanied by a variety of emotions; embarrassment, anxiety, anger, sadness, and shame to name a few. Those feelings are uncomfortable and many people will do anything they can to escape feeling emotional discomfort.

However, allowing yourself to feel bad is motivating. It can help you work harder to find better solutions so that you will improve next time. This will help you to identify what it is you need to focus on, so that you can approach the situation in a new way for success in the future.

2. View Failure as Learning Opportunity:

“As far as you are learning from your failure or mistakes, they are not failure or mistakes.”

Shift your perspective and view failure as an opportunity to grow and learn. Once you see failure as learning opportunity, you can then begin to approach it with a different mindset; a mindset that will help you to quickly transform your actions into ones that lead to success.

3. Accept an Appropriate Level of Responsibility:

Accepting a correct level of responsibility for your failure will help you in learning from the failure and this experience will help you to gain future success. On the other hand, blaming other people or unfortunate circumstances for your failure will prevent you from learning from it.

4. Create a plan and Learn how to overcome failure:

Replaying your failure in your mind repeatedly will not do you any good. Therefore do not allow yourself to ponder on all the things that went wrong. Dwelling on your problems or repeating your mistakes will keep you stuck.

Instead, think about what you will do differently next time. Create a plan that will help you put the information you gained from failing into practice.

5. Find inspiration and Support:

A conversation with your near and dear ones is very helpful. In addition, You can read Books, motivation articles or watch inspirational Videos.

This may not be specifically about your current challenge but can help you to shift your mood and mindset back towards optimism again.

Learn How to Overcome Failure, Stories of Failure of Successful People

Below are the examples of failures of the successful people:

  • Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times while working on the light bulb.
  • Henry Ford was broke at the age of forty.
  • Young Beethoven was told that he had no talent for music, but he gave some of the nest music to the world.
  • We all knows the failures and struggles of Abraham Lincoln before he was elected as President of United States at the age of fifty-two.

Read any Biography or Autobiography of a successful person, they all has overcome,

  • Unsuccessful and difficult Times
  • Struggle and Pain
  • Criticism
  • Fear of Failure
  • Failure
  • Thoughts of giving up

So, do not be afraid of your struggle or failure. Learn How to overcome failure, success is waiting for you.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ~ Winston Churchill

Conclusion and Key Take away:

Let me summaries this post and learning from this post in below one liners.

  • You have failed in the task or project, not in life.
  • What you are becoming in life is important than Failure or success.
  • Failure adds to your experience, now you are one version better from previous.
  • Focus on possibility not on difficulty
  • Overcoming Failure will require Behavior and Belief shifting

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Learn to overcome failure

Bad News and Good News in Life… How to deal with it

In this post, we will evaluate few Bad News and Good News in Life and we will see how far that matters in our life, so let us start.

In this post, we will evaluate few Bad News and Good News in Life and we will see how far that matters in our life, so let us start.

Bad News and Good News in Life:

Bad News is:
You cannot make people like, love, understand or accept you.
Good News is:
It does not matter.

Bad News is:
You cannot control what people think about you.
Good News is:
You can control your reaction to it.

Bad News is:
In life you will meet fake people.
Good News is:
You can identify them and you have capability to deal with them.

Bad News is:
You cannot control people in your life.
Good News is:
When you realize and understand that it is not required in the first place.

Bad News is:
Life flies very fast.
Good News is:
You are the pilot.

Bad News is:
People will judge you.
Good News is:
This does not matter. What matters is your own progress.

Bad News is:
You are not going to fit in with everyone.
Good News is:
When you realize that why to do so.

Bad News is:
Your life will never be perfect.
Good News is:
When you realize you don’t need a perfect life to be happy.

Bad News is:
There are no keys to Happiness.
Good News is:
When you realize it is not even locked.

Bad News is:
“Nothing Lasts Forever”
Good News is:
Same … “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Bad News is:
You cannot make everyone happy.
Good News is:
That’s not required… You can make yourself happy and that is fully in your control.

Bad News is:
People are crueler, meaner and more evil than you have ever imagined.
Good News is:
People are kinder, gentle and more loving than you have ever dreamed. You need to identify them.


Now you can see and understand that there will be Bad News and Good News in Life, what will make difference between you and other people is how you deal with it.

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Learn about Life from Computer Keyboard buttons…

I believe we can learn from anyone and anything, just we have to change our perspective. So today we will learn about life from computer keyboard buttons.


I believe we can learn from anyone and anything, just we have to change our perspective a little bit. So today we will learn about life from computer keyboard buttons.

In my other post I have written learning life from Ad slogans which have been appreciated by all of you, here are the links if you have not yet read the same.

Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 1

So now let us learn about life from a few of the computer keyboard buttons.

Control: What you are supposed to control to make life happy:

  1. your anger.
  2. your diet.
  3. and your spending.

Shift: What you are supposed to shift to make life happy:

  1. your focus on your Goals to change your Life.
  2. your thinking toward positivity.
  3. and your gear of life from Park to Drive

Escape: You need to escape yourself from a few things:

  1. Escape from bad habits.
  2. and Escape from negative and toxic people.
  3. Escape from being egoistic.

Delete: Something your need to delete from your mind and memory:

  1. Delete the word “Impossible” from the dictionary of your mind.
  2. and Delete the unnecessary people from your life, and your life will be totally different.

Alter: You need to alter a few things to make life happy

  1. Alter your mind to stay positive.
  2. and Alter the attitude of complaining and start expressing gratitude.

End: These things should never end in your life, else your life will end

  1. Hope
  2. Dreams
  3. Learning

Space: We need to create some space in life so that new things and people can come in our life. To create space we need to:

  1. Learn to say no without feeling guilty.
  2. Be more productive and less busy.
  3. Organize yourself.

Insert: We need to learn new things in life and new people should come in our life:

  1. Insert positive people in your life.
  2. and Insert new habits in your routine.

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What is Life…

What is life. Let us try to understand what life means to us through some quotes and analogy.

— Be soft and cool like water, so you can adjust anywhere in life. Be tough and attractive like a diamond, so no one can play with your emotion.

—Life is not an iPod with which you listen to your favourite songs. It is a radio; you must adjust yourself to every frequency to enjoy whatever comes in it.

—Life is like having a cup of coffee. You sit by the window, take a sip and find no sugar… Too lazy to go for the sugar, you somehow manage with that sugarless cup … On finishing, you discover undissolved sugar crystals settled at the bottom. That’s how life is… We do not make any effort to value what is around or within us… So look around, may the sweetness you are looking for is closer than you think.

—Read this slowly – ‘lifeisnowhere’. What did you read? ‘Life is nowhere’ or ‘life is now here’? Just a beautiful line to say life depends on the way we look at it.

—To sum up :

Don’t go where life takes you. But take life where you want to go. Always remember you are born to live and not living because you are born.

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