3 Levels of self-comparison

Dear Friends, would request you all to read this wonderful post on self-comparision.

You are you, do not compare your self with anyone. No one can do a better job of becoming you than you.

Level 1- When self-comparison is discouraging and destructive This is simply when we feel bad about ourselves when comparing ourselves to others. This is when comparison meets negative emotions. Level 2- Self-comparison meets with neutrality and acceptance Your feelings are neutral. Not good nor bad emotions are connected with the process of comparing. You are […]

3 Levels of self-comparison

Author: Manish Malu

By profession I am a Chartered Accountant, working in MNC. Book Reading is my passion, I normally read Books related to Self-development, Motivation, Leadership, Spirituality etc and reads blogs and watch Videos on these topics. The sprit to share the learned knowledge, brought me here so that I can write blogs and inspire myself and others with my work.

2 thoughts on “3 Levels of self-comparison”

  1. I enjoy the fight!!!!! That believing it’s possible…it sometimes isn’t …makes rude noise…. Of and I can have it of MY hands.

    If you see affirmation in the desire for a yay me and the better life stances of self-belief not reliance upon external affirmation…. Good!

    Reconciliation of this and the search for completing love of a partner forever forward is a dash challenging…. But all things can Ballance. Flowing from more me of me rather than yay me. Yet too much yay me of me is me whoopie! Forever alone as who doesn’t need to feel needed in return? Yet needed doesn’t mean mommy,life-maker either! Hee hee, Ballance!

    So far this is just sushi perhaps and a tostada when even I used to be able to do much more! But this IS more than some dream possible. Knowing that. Yada…giving myself permission to yay myself humbly this some of what I am is still more than others might manage? Yay me. Some may not care for sushi and tostada’s…so much for that Yippy yay hee hee.

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