Mathematics of Life, Learn from Math symbols

Mathematics of Life. Mathematics is very important subject, Few may hate it or Few may love it. But I am sure you all will love this post.

Let us today understand the mathematics of Life or learning about life from Mathematics. Will talk on few most used symbols in Mathematics and try to apply the same in life.

1. Additions (+):

Let us understand what we should add in our life:

  1. Value: Add richness and value to your own life by adding value to the lives around you.
  2. Laughter: Even while you are, working hard to simplify your life and dealing with serious things look for opportunities to laugh with your whole heart.
  3. Meaning: Spend some time trying to sort out what is important in your life and why it is important.
  4. Gratitude: Express your gratitude aloud. Be grateful for everything you have.
  5. Kindness: Be kind to yourself and to others. Kindness does not cost anything.
  6. Patience: As you simplify your life, be patient with the people in your life who aren’t there yet
  7. Skills: Add new skills and keep sharpening your skills.
  8. Joy: Find little things that bring you great joy.
  9. Challenge: Add challenges in your life; Keep doing new challenging things, which will make your life interesting.
  10. Meditation: Do meditation and exercise to keep yourself mentally and physically fit.

2. Subtractions (-):

We should remove
Fear | Regret | Comparison | Negativity | Past | Complaining |Overspending |Sorrow
From our life.

3. Division (÷):

We should share
Happiness | Time | Problems | Stress | Worries
With our loved one, so that we should not feel alone and should not feel depressed.

4. Multiplication (X):

We should try to multiply
Relationships | Experience | Knowledge | Positivity | Fitness | Self-Worth
In our life.

5. Greater Than (>):

This is very important symbol in Maths and in our life also, let us evaluate this:

  1. What we have is > what we are lacking
  2. What we can control is > what we cannot control
  3. Your experience is > your problems
  4. What is within yourself is > what is outside
  5. Your positivity is > other people’s negativity
  6. Your self-worth should be > your net-worth


If we will apply these learning from Mathematics in our life , then Equation of our Life will be balanced and perfect.

In my next post we will learn about life from mathematics problem solving principles.

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Learn from Mathematics

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  1. Maths stresses me in my childhood, but after reading your post, I think it has eliminated our stress from life.

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