Some ironies of life… Part 2

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  • People have solution to every problem, but problem should be of others.
  • People write “Do not stick Bills” on wall to keep their wall clean of Bills.

  • People have Ego of their knowledge, but No knowledge of their Ego.
  • Earlier we use to maintain personal Diaries and Do not let other people to see, Now we post on social Media and become sad if no one looks at it.
  • We appreciate a thing or people only two time, once till we don’t get the same, second after getting the same, when we loose them.
  • Beer seller get customer at his shop but Seller of Milk need to visit door to door to sell Milk.
  • Bank deduct the charges from those who not able to maintain minimum balance.
  • People want a Loyal Friend and Partner, but don’t want to be one.

Manish Malu 2018

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  1. Ria says:

    So true 😢..

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Why sad face…

      1. Ria says:

        That loyal friend and partner thing really hurts.. they want one but they don’t want to be the one

      2. Manish Malu says:

        Hmm that’s true and sad…

      3. Ria says:


  2. Riman Ray says:

    Most welcome 😊

  3. Riman Ray says:

    So true.
    Loved it.
    Keep sharing😊

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Thank you so much for your appreciation 😊😊

      1. Riman Ray says:

        Most welcome 😊

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Thank you so much dear…😊😊

    2. Manish Malu says:

      I am really very happy that you always read and appreciate my post And share your thoughts on my posts…
      Thanks a lot…😊😊

      1. It’s always my pleasure

      2. Manish Malu says:

        So nice of you dear…😊😊

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