Learning while earning…

—“If you’re not learning while you’re earning, you’re cheating yourself out of the better portion of your compensation.”

— One should spend at least 5% of their income on learning new things. So one can learn more and earn more.

— If you want to learn always ask questions.

— Never stop learning because Life never stop teaching

— जो पुछ्ने से डरता है वो कभी कुछ नया नही सीख सकता।

(The one who is afraid of asking , will never learn anything new)


15 thoughts on “Learning while earning…

  1. Thanks for sharing! This is truly inspirational 😀 Do you mind writing the translation of the last phrase too? I’m not sure everyone will take the time to google it and it would be a pity to lose some of the info 😉 thanks

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