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— Great choice of dialogues Mr. Positive!! Keep writing the beautiful post. Happy blogging!!!..

This appreciation is for Motivation from movie dialog…


Great post!! I was feeling down since yesterday but this post specially the quotes had changed my mood fully. Thanks a lot for posting it, Manish.

This one is for Nothing is impossible… Triple century in ODI…

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Giving feedback its part of my job but I still find it difficult as people tend to always take it personally bringing contra arguments in response. Its in human nature to believe that we are the best and we don’t need improvement. Still need to work my way when it comes to it, however I agree with your post 100%.
Feedback its an useful tool when it comes to personal growth!

This is for How to give and receive feedback… Part 1…

Ria thezinormouscanvas.wordpress.com

— Hey! Hey! Hey! Congrats Mr. Positive.. keep achieving more. Keep making the world more positive.. its a great achievement. Awesome

This appreciation is for My blog is in the list of top 30 Inspirational blogs by feedspot…


— Great one. I too don’t like ads but this post has changed my view to look at them. All of them are too good but 4th one is something that I needa apply more. Thanks for sharing it.

This one is for Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 1

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