Principles of Mathematics and Application in solving Life’s problems

How can you solve your problems in Life by applying Principles of Mathematics. Yes, problem solving principles in Maths and Life are same.

In my previous post Mathematics of Life, Learn from Math symbols we have analyzed how mathematics Symbols teach us about life, In today’s post we will analyze the applicability of few Problem-Solving principles of mathematics in our life.

We are going to learn how we can apply principles of Mathematics in our life and how can we solve our life’s problems and challenges by applying these Mathematics principles.

Whether it is Maths or Life you need to start to Solve a problem:

Principle 1: You need to start to solve a math problem; you cannot have all answers in mind and then start.

Application in Life: Most of the time, you cannot predict where you will end up. Just go for it—you will figure the rest out along the way.

Principle 2: One-step at a time and you will solve it.

Application in Life: If the problem is too challenging, start smaller. Break the problem into small parts and try solving small parts. It applies for achieving Goals also, to achieve a long term Goal we need to break it into smaller short term Goal. The little things make all the difference.

Principle 3: There is more than one way to solve a math problem.

Application in Life: Life rarely gives you black and white choices, and that is fine. Often, you will find yourself having to choose between multiple good options. Once you start solving it everything will fall in place.

Importance of Equation in Maths and Life:

Principle 4: LHS = RHS Keep your equations balanced.

Application in Life: You need to keep balance between Personal and Professional life. Make time for the things you love and keep adjusting. This equation of life should always be balanced.

Importance of asking questions:

Principle 5: Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Application in Life: You will not always get to the answer on your own. Ask for help! Faced with a challenge or problem in life? Lean on your near and dear ones for help. The ability to admit what you do not know is a crucial life skill.

Importance of Logic and thought process in solving Problems:

Principle 6: A forgotten negative sign or a small miscalculation can lead to a completely wrong answer.

Application in Life: In life also, pay attention to the details. In any situation or any relations or even when you are at work, you know how important it is to pay attention to small things.

Principle 7: Logic and thought process behind the answer.

Application in Life: In life also we need to analyze the situation, we need to understand the logic and thought process behind every situation in life, before taking any action on the same.

Learn from Mistakes and Improve whether it is Math or Life:

Principal 8: You will make mistakes. Even the greatest mathematicians need to rework problems repeatedly.

Application in Life: Failure is not the end. If you get the wrong answer, keep trying. You will make mistakes in life, but you will learn from them! Learning from mistakes and bad experience is an important part of our life.

Journey to reach the solution or destination is very important:

Principle 9: The answer might be simple, but the steps to get there may be very difficult and lengthy.

Application in Life: Even if you have an end goal in mind, the journey there will not always be easy and like Math, we will be very happy once we reach the destination and we will appreciate our journey.

Principle 10: Sometimes math can be challenging and occasionally be frustrating, even to the best and brightest.

Application in Life: Likewise, life will get tough but stay patient, be resilient, meet the challenges, and it will certainly pay off!


So we have seen that there are so much similarity in Mathematics and Life, when it is about problem solving. Hope you have enjoyed the post and you will apply the principles of Mathematics in solving your problems in life.

Daily Motivation – Day 180

Happiness is in the solving of the problems, not in not having problems in the first place.

And remember Solving not avoiding.

Good morning… Have a great day…

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