Daily Motivation- Day 283

You must truly believe that you deserve it all. You deserve to be happy, wealthy, loved and healthy! Believe, conceive and you shall receive.

No time is wasted time as long as you are learning. When you fail, learn from it. When you win, learn from it.

Have a great day…

Daily Motivation – Day 269

Losing honourably may signify lack of preparation but dishonest winning signifies lack of character.

The real test of a person’s character is what he would or would not do, even if he knew he would not get caught.

Have a great day…

Daily Motivation – Day 267

A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.

Life is hard by the yard, But by the inch, It’s a cinch.

So long you have your eyes on the goal, you don’t see obstacles.

Knowledge and Experience helps you to reach your destination, provided you know what the destination is.

Have a great day…

Daily Motivation – Day 263

Eyes gives us sight but not vision. Mind gives us thoughts, not action. Breath gives us life but not meaning.

Learn to have vision, perform right action and add meaning to your life.

Have a great day…