Best use of Lockdown time – 10 Tips

Most of us always complain that we want to do many things in life or we want to be like this or that, but we do not have enough time. Now in this current situation of Lockdown the constrain of time has gone. This is the time to best utilize your time.

“If you will remain exactly the same person Post Lockdown, that means you were never lacked time, you were lacking discipline in you life.”

Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for all of us to make improvement in our self, our family, our relationships and the society.

Here are the few tips to best utilize your time in this lockdown:

  • Read books – Utilize this time in reading books, which you always wanted to read but due to lack of time could not do it. Make a good list of Books, which you want to read and start reading. There are many websites, which suggests books as per your interest just search it out and make your reading list.
  • Build your profile – This is the best time to build our Profile, Find out the best suitable online courses for yourself to build / up skill yourself. and are couple of such websites where you can find many courses, which suits your requirements.
  • Pick a new hobby – It is the best time to build a new hobby. Whether it is being Guitar learning or learning Music, Cooking, dancing, drawing, painting etc.
  • Networking and building contacts – This is the time you need to build your professional Network. LinkedIn is a very powerful App to connect you to the professionals of your stream and interest and you can learn from each other.
  • Get fit – Do regular exercise at home, Stretching, Yoga, Meditation. Eat healthy and stay healthy.
  • Get in touch with your friends and family – Spend your half an hour daily divided into 15 minutes each, to call your friends, your relatives, your old colleagues etc.
  • Explore your creative side – Do something different, which you are not normally doing or you are not getting time to do that. Start something creative in this lockdown period and try to continue the same after lockdown also. Some example could be making a video and uploading on YouTube, writing blogs etc.
  • Quit a bad habit – Like starting few new things, you need to stop few things, you need to stop bad habits. Moreover, this Lockdown itself is helping you in doing that. Like few of my friends are addicted to cigarette, Tobacco or Alcohol, now in this lockdown there is no supply of these things and now they cannot consume these things. Therefore, they can continue this habit of not consuming these things and get rid of these bad habits.
  • Goal Setting – Now you have enough time to think on your own life, Sit down in a quiet place for some time and think what you want to achieve in your life. List down your Goals and give them a timeline to achieve. Keep your Goals always visible to you and start working toward achieving them.
  • Spend quality time with family – Due to our busy office life plus the traveling time we hardly get some quality time, which we can spend with our family. Now this is the time we can spend some good quality time with our family. We can sit with them and talk, play games, can see old photos and cherish the god old memories.

If you can start all or if not all, few of the above activities in this lockdown period, you should continue doing the same after lockdown also. Make these entire task as your habits and once it becomes your habit, I am sure that post lockdown also you will be able to get some time for these activities.

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