500 posts, Excited, we all together made this possible

Hello Friends, It’s been 3 year plus I have started this blog and today my blog has published 500 posts. It became possible only because of your continuous love and support for me and my blog. You all have always appreciated my work and motivated me to write more. Thanks a lot to each one of you and let’s continue this journey of learning from each other.

Few more interesting stats apart from 500 posts

  • Count of Follower is 2098 and increasing
  • Total views on the blog is reaching 70,000
  • Total comments on the blog is more than 5000
  • Count of visitors on blog is 31000
  • Total likes on my posts is 40500
  • Total word count of my posts is 62,500.

Top 10 most appreciated posts

I would like to share link of top 10 most appreciated post from the total of 500 posts, if you have not read them, would request you to read them, here are the links

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500 Posts on my Blog