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Why People Don’t appreciate, analysis of reasons

We often think that, I am doing my Best, but nobody is appreciating it. I am doing many things for him / her yet, He / She is not noticing or appreciating it. The question here is why people don’t appreciate.

Appreciating and Complimenting others is an Etiquette which people often fail to understand.

Different people have different reasons for not appreciating or complementing others. Some might feel a little shy in speaking up, some feel that their opinion doesn’t matter, some do not even have the sensibility of appreciating others while some hesitate because their appreciation is not acknowledged.

Reason why people don’t appreciate others:

  1. EGO: People feel that if they appreciate another person they admit that he/she is better than them and their arrogance and ego never allows it.

2. Jealousy: People simply don’t appreciate another person, because they think that they would have done this better than that person.

3. Shyness: Few people by nature are very shy, even if these types of people really want to appreciate you, they are not able to appreciate.

4. People are not appreciating you because you are not appreciating them.So few people think that I will appreciate that person only when that person first appreciate me.

5. They must be appreciating others: It’s not like people are not appreciating at all, they might be appreciating others but not you. Try and find out the reason, why they are not appreciating you, if you want to.

6. Appreciation getting not acknowledged: Like you feel that your work is not getting noticed or appreciated, people also feel that their appreciation is not getting acknowledged. This is the reason people think twice before appreciating others.

7. Does my appreciation matters: Few people also thinks that whether their opinion or appreciation matters to that person or not. If they feel it does not matter to other person, they will not appreciate.

What we should do if people don’t appreciate us:

Don’t think too much on it, ignore it.

You can only do your best. And if they can’t appreciate that, it’s their problem, not yours. You keep doing good work for yourself because you were not doing that for others or just for want of appreciation.

Self – appreciation:

We should appreciate ourselves, if we don’t appreciate ourselves, how someone else will. And most important thing is that self – appreciation is in our own control.

If you are not getting what you want check what you are giving. Β©

So we must think and analyze whether we are appreciating people enough or not. Start appreciating people genuinely and it will come back to you for sure.

It’s Okay if people don’t appreciate

Do not think that you are good or talented only when someone notices you or appreciates you. you keep doing your good work whether people notices it or not.

Be proud of yourself

Be proud of yourself that you continue to do good things in-spite of being ignored. Very few people can do this. Notice that whether your performance is improving from last time or not. If you can notice and appreciate your own progress that is the best compliment you can ever get.

Getting appreciation is not the prime motive

Appreciation should not be the prime motive for you to take up a task. Do it out of self interest and appreciate your own work. Appreciation can be a by product of doing good work, it should not be your main product or main objective.

Why People don't appreciate
Analysis of reasons why people don’t appreciate

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