July 13

Ways to be more productive [Re-blog]

I have came across this beautiful post by http://randomrepeat.com . This post talks about 4 practical ways to be more productive. These are:

4 ways to be more productive:

  1. Do one thing at a time
  2. Split actions into disposal, store and act (in that order)
  3. In each action, plant the seeds of future action
  4. Wrap your actions into a timetabled group process

Read each one of these fantastic ways to be more productive at the below link which is the blog of the Author of the post.

You can also read my own post which talks about 10 Habits that reduces our productivity, focus and efficiency. The 10 habits which reduces our productivity, focus and efficiency are:

10 habits that reduces our productivity, focus and efficiency:

  1. Getting lost on social Media
  2. Never leaving the comfort zone
  3. Always aiming for perfection
  4. Sitting down all day
  5. Not enough sleep
  6. Over-analyzing everything
  7. Saying “Yes” to everything
  8. Not taking breaks
  9. Trying to do multitasking
  10. Taking long time to make simple decisions

Read about all these habits in details and how we can overcome these habits at below link

4 ways to be more productive full post link:

4 ways to be more productive

Originally posted on Remindful UK: Use your diary to plant the seeds of future action. Photo by Calista Tee on Unsplash Productivity is obviously subjective.  This is proved by the fact that we tend to worry far more about our own productivity than anyone else’s.  We challenge ourselves, but it is a painful holding to…

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