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Power of our thoughts…

In my last post Choose your words wisely… we observed that our word has enormous power which can make or break someone’s life.

In this post we will be discussing what words we say to ourselves, that is our own thoughts, which we knowingly or unknowingly feeds our mind.

How to control our thoughts:

The first step in understanding our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavior is to monitor what we say to ourselves. What we say to ourselves and how we say it is the first step in awareness and from that point we can literally catch our thoughts and change them to those which are more positive and loving.

Mind power is one of the strongest and most useful power we possess. This power is nothing but our thoughts. At this point we must understand that our thoughts are responsible for everything that happens in our life. So we need to have control over our thought so that we can have control over our life, Ways to control our thoughts specially negative thoughts:

  1. Be careful what we think, observe your thoughts.
  2. Learn to apply full stop to your thoughts (good or bad). Asking few questions like, What are you thinking, why are you thinking this. To bring back your mind in present.
  3. Swap the negative thought with positive and pleasing thoughts immediately.
  4. Try appreciating and enjoying what you already have.
  5. Say yourself below powerful lines every morning:
    • I am the best.
    • God is always with me
    • I can do it and always do my best.
    • I am a winner
    • Today is my day
    • I love myself
    • I am unique.

If we realized how powerful our thoughts are, we would never think a negative thought.

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