June 13

Motivation from movie dialog…

Here are few wonderful dialogues from some wonderful bollywood movies which are enough to motivate us…

There is English translation also after each dialogue…. Enjoy….

Sanam Re

Hum kitne din jiye yeh zaroori nahi … hum un dino mein kitna jeeye yeh zaroori hai

How many days we live is not important … what’s important is how much we live in those days.

Hate story 3

Kisi bhi ladai mein haarta woh nahi joh girta hai … balki woh joh girke uthta nahi hai

In any fight a person who falls doesn’t lose … but the one who falls and doesn’t get up loses


Agar tune aaj give up kiya … toh shayad bahar se zinda reh jaye … magar andar se mar jayega hamesha ke liye

If you give up today … then may be you’ll be alive from the outside … but from within you’ll be dead forever


Asli pehalwan ki pehchaan akhade mein nahi, zindagi mein hove hai … taki jab zindagi tumhe patke toh tum phir khade ho … aur aaisa daanv maro ki zindagi chitt ho jaye

A true fighter can be identified in life, and not in a fighting ring … so that you get up again when life pushes you down … and then play in such a way that life gets defeated

Namste London

Jab tak haar nahi hoti na … tab tak aadmi jeeta hua rehta hai

Until one has not lost … till then a man is in a winning position

Student if the year

Maangi hui cheez lautani parti hai Sir … main kamana chahta hoon

Sir, the thing that you ask for has to be returned … I want to earn it.


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  2. By A.I. Alex on

    The 2nd one is particularly nice, although I wonder where I heard it before… 🤔 thanks for sharing! 😁

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    Great choice of dialogues Mr. Positive!! Keep writing the beautiful post. Happy blogging!!!..

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        I will do even if you mind…🤗🤗.. but this one is too good…I really liked it..😊😊

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      Thank you so much for your appreciation..😊😊.. visit other posts also hope u will like them also…


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