May 24

Learn about Life from Computer Keyboard buttons…


I believe we can learn from anyone and anything, just we have to change our perspective a little bit. So today we will learn about life from computer keyboard buttons.

In my other post I have written learning life from Ad slogans which have been appreciated by all of you, here are the links if you have not yet read the same.

Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 1

So now let us learn about life from a few of the computer keyboard buttons.

Control: What you are supposed to control to make life happy:

  1. your anger.
  2. your diet.
  3. and your spending.

Shift: What you are supposed to shift to make life happy:

  1. your focus on your Goals to change your Life.
  2. your thinking toward positivity.
  3. and your gear of life from Park to Drive

Escape: You need to escape yourself from a few things:

  1. Escape from bad habits.
  2. and Escape from negative and toxic people.
  3. Escape from being egoistic.

Delete: Something your need to delete from your mind and memory:

  1. Delete the word “Impossible” from the dictionary of your mind.
  2. and Delete the unnecessary people from your life, and your life will be totally different.

Alter: You need to alter a few things to make life happy

  1. Alter your mind to stay positive.
  2. and Alter the attitude of complaining and start expressing gratitude.

End: These things should never end in your life, else your life will end

  1. Hope
  2. Dreams
  3. Learning

Space: We need to create some space in life so that new things and people can come in our life. To create space we need to:

  1. Learn to say no without feeling guilty.
  2. Be more productive and less busy.
  3. Organize yourself.

Insert: We need to learn new things in life and new people should come in our life:

  1. Insert positive people in your life.
  2. and Insert new habits in your routine.

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  1. By Lezk on

    I really enjoyed this post. Well done!! Thanks for that… 👍👍👍

    1. By Manish Malu (Post author) on

      Read the other three posts also whenever you get time , of which I have given the link at start of this post and share your valuable feedback…😊

  2. By huguetta on

    It’s a creative way to address advises 🙂 Valuable and funny! Thank you for sharing

    1. By Manish Malu on

      Thank you so much dear… I normally keep my posts interesting and unique so that interest of users can be maintained…Else sometimes motivational post may became little boring..😊😊

      1. By Manish Malu on

        Thanks… And plz read and share your feedback on 3 posts of which I have given link in this posts whenever you get time…They are on motivation by ad slogans…😊😊

  3. By Samantha on

    Brilliant way to look at life. I love people who think outside the box. Well done and thanks for the motivation!

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      1. By Ria on

        Its a cool way to initiate a conversation 😂😂😂😂

      2. By Manish Malu on

        Hmm!!… It’s normally ends the conversation… Don’t say hmm… 😊😊

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