How to improve your social skills:

1 learn people’s names
2 interrupt less
3 listen with intent to learn
4 promote others good work
5 hold doors open longer
6 say please and thank you
7 give without expecting a get
8 don’t respond to negativity
9 don’t nitpick
10 be optimistic

Have a great day…

By profession I am a Chartered Accountant, working in MNC.

Book Reading is my passion, I normally read Books related to Self-development, Motivation, Leadership, Spirituality etc and reads blogs and watch Videos on these topics. The sprit to share the learned knowledge, brought me here so that I can write blogs and inspire myself and others with my work.


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    Simple manners make life so much better, more enjoyable and happier! We all nee to remember that so thanks for reminding.

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    This is brilliant advise. Thank you,


    PS. What about having a look at my today’s post. I think you will find it interesting.

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