When you find no solution to a problem, it’s probably not a problem to be solved, but a truth to be accepted.

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By profession I am a Chartered Accountant, working in MNC.

Book Reading is my passion, I normally read Books related to Self-development, Motivation, Leadership, Spirituality etc and reads blogs and watch Videos on these topics. The sprit to share the learned knowledge, brought me here so that I can write blogs and inspire myself and others with my work.


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    Manish, I believe you are correct that we should accept the unpleasant truth when we find a problem unsolveable. That’s very hard for me to do. I usually go with the other side of that coin, “Never give up!” Sometimes this works for me, and other times it prolongs discomfort! All the best! Cheryl

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    These are very synchronistic words for me this morning, as lately i’ve been reflexively focusing on what I don’t have which interferes with enjoying what I do have.

      • It is… I’ve just been facing a problem these last two days that I have no solution for and now I’m looking for the Truth that I have not accepted yet. It is there as you say. Your post was a good reminder of that. ❀️ be well and blessed…

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