10,000 views…I am so happy… Thanks to all..

I am very happy to share that today my blog have completed 10,000 views, it became possible because of you all lovely readers and followers.

I have started by blog on 17th Feb 2018 and its been 127 days of blogging, here is the summary of my Blog’s Stats:

Here are my few post with higher views:

Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 1 – 452 Views

People / Team Management – 432 views

Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 3 – 415 views

Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 2 – 366 views

Learn to value yourself – 227 views

Thank you so much…😊😊

My blog is in the list of top 30 Inspirational blogs by feedspot…

Dear All I am very happy to share that by blog is selected as one of the top 30 inspirational blogs by feedspot. Please check in below link sr. No. 20.

Top 30 motivational Blog by feedspost…

I sincerely thank each one of you for reading and appreciating my posts.

Understanding Life by Quotes

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  • Understanding:
    • No one is perfect that is why understanding is important.
    • Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you, but there are very few who understand you.
  • Love:
    • There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved
    • The importance of love in our life is that it washes away the dust of loneliness from your heart.
  • Time:

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100th Post … A good achievement…


Dear All my lovely readers , Today I am very happy, as I am writing my 100th post on my Blog. Today I have also completed 4 months of my blog.

I am very thankful to each one of you, it is because of your support, love and appreciation, I have achieved this.

When I have started my blog, I have not thought I will achieve all these in just 4 months. Now have have

  • close to 400 followers,
  • 4000 + Visitors already visited my blog,
  • 8500 + view of my post,
  • 3500 + Likes and 900 + comments.

All these became possible, Just because of each one of you.

I am sharing few of the post which were got great appreciation:

Some Mistakes That We Often Make In Life

Learning about Life from Ad Slogans… Part 1

You are unique and special…

How to give and receive feedback… Part 1…

Simple Rules to make Life simple and Happy…

Avoid “I” the EGO…

If you have not read these post, I request you to read and share your feedback.

Thanks once again…

Manish Malu