May 28

100 days of blogging… Achievements

Dear All today I am very happy my blog had completed 100 successful days.

Thanks to all of you for your support and feedback.

My progress might be slow but I am happy that day by day I am achieving something..

Few of my top posts..

Learning about life from Ad slogans

Nothing is impossible

People Management

Some achievements …

  1. 200 likes

2. 3000 plus views

3. 50 plus followers

4. Visitors from all our the world

Once again I am very thankful to each one of you…. expecting support and feedback in future….

February 19

Never stop Learning…

—Every Interaction is an opportunity to learn only,
if we are interested in ‘IMPROVING’
rather than ‘PROVING’.

— When one teaches two learn. – Robert Heinlein

शाम सूरज को ढ़लना सिखाती है,शमा परवाने को जलना सिखाती है,

गिरने वाले को होती तो है तकलीफ,पर ठोकर ही इंसान को चलना सिखाती है…

ठोकरें खा कर भी ना संभले
तो मुसाफ़िर का नसीब,
वरना पत्थरों ने तो
अपना फर्ज़ निभा ही दिया..!

— तुम सिखना मत छोडो क्योकिं जिन्दगी सिखना नही छोड़ती…