Life advice from Movie Dialogues, Best inspirational movie dialogues

Bollywood movies are full of entertainment and at time a dialogue from a movie can give us life advice. Here are my compilation of such dialogues.

Here are a few wonderful dialogues from some wonderful Bollywood movies which are enough to motivate us and can give us wonderful life advice. Let us learn life advice from Movie dialogues.

There is English translation also after each dialogue… Enjoy…. and drop your favourite dialogue in the comment section

Do not stop in Life:

Movie Name: Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani.
Dialogue : Main udna chahta hoon, Dhaudna chahta hoon,girna bhi chahta hun bas rukna nahi chahta.
English Translation: I want to fly, I want to run, I want to fall also, but I do not want to just stop.

Movie Name: Kaabil.
Dialogue: Vishvaas aur confidence, jab yeh do tumhare saath ho na … toh raaston ko dekhne ki zaroorat nahi padti.
English Translation: When you have trust and confidence with you…then there is no need to look at the path)

Failure does not define you:

Movie Name: Chhichhore.
Dialogue:  Tumhara result decide nahi karta ki tum loser ho ki nahi, tunhari koshish decide krti hai.
English Translation: Your result do not decide that you are a loser or not, but your efforts do.

Movie Name: Happy New Year.
Dialogue: Duniya mein do tarah ke log hote hai. winners and losers. lekin zindagi har loser ko woh ek mauka zaroor deti hai jis mein woh winner ban sakta hai.
English Translation: In this world, there are two types of people. Winners and losers. but life definitely gives every loser that one chance in which he can become a winner.

Goal in Life:

Movie Name: Any Body Can Dance 2
Dialogue: Sahi direction mein utha har kadam … apne aap mein ek manzil hai. after all, life is all about the next step.
English Translation: Every step that moves in the right direction is a goal in itself. after all life is all about the next step.

Movie Name: Fanaa
Dialogue: Hum aaj joh faisla karte hai … wahi hamare kal ka faisla karega
English Translation: The decisions that we take today … decide what our future will be.

Movie Name: Rush
Dialog: Har insaan do zindagiyon ke saath aata hai. ek joh usse milti hai aur ek joh woh khud banata hai
English Translation: Every person comes with two lives. one that he gets and the other that he himself makes.

Accept the challenges in Life and be the change:

Movie Name: Dhoom 3
Dialogue: Joh duniya ko namumkin lage … wahi mauka hota hai … kartab dikhane ka
English Translation: What the world thinks is impossible … that is the right opportunity … to show your stunts.

Movie Name: Dear Zindagi
Dialogue: Albert Einstein ne kaha tha … pagal woh hota hai joh roz roz same kaam karta hai … magar chahta hai ki nateeja alag ho.
English Translation: Albert Einstein had said that … a person is mad when he does the same work every day … but still expects the result to be different

Movie Name: Kuchh Khatti kuchh Meethi
Dialogue: Kisi aur ko badalne ke liye … khud ko badalna zaroori hota hai
English Translation: To change someone … it is important that we ourselves change.

Do not become slave of conditions, take some risk:

Movie Name: Trimurti
Dialogue: Agar halaat ke ghulam banoge na, toh duniya tumhe kutta samajhkar laat maregi. lekin agar halaat ko apna ghulam banaoge na, toh duniya tumhe sher samajhkar salaam karegi.
English Translation: If you become a slave to the conditions, then the world will kick you like a dog. but if you make the conditions as your slave, then the world will salute you like a tiger.

Movie Name: Rush
Dialogue: Joh aadmi risk nahin leta … uska sab kuch risky ho jaata hai
English Translation: One who does not take a risk … everything of that person becomes risky.

Movie Name: Azhar
Dialogue: Sikka dono ka hota hai, heads ka bhi aur tails ka bhi. par waqt sirf uska aata hai joh palatkar upar aata hai
English Translation: A coin belongs to both, heads and tails. but time only stays on the side of the one who turns around and rises.


Movie Name: Hasee toh Phasee
Dialogue: Relationship todna bahut aasan hai … lekin usko banaye rakhne ke liye adjustments karni padti hai, nurture karna padta hai.
English Translation: It is very easy to break a relationship but to maintain it you have to make adjustments, you have to nurture it.

Movie Name: Aashiqui
Dialogue: Koi bhi rishta kitna bhi mahaan, kitna bhi bada kyun na ho … uske khatam ho jane se zindagi khatam nahi hoti.
English Translation: No matter how great and how big a relation is but life does not end when that relationship ends.

Face the Fear:

Movie Name: Tum Bin 2
Dialogue: Life mein jab bhi kisi bhi cheez se dar lage … toh uske samne khade ho jaao … dar khud bahut darpok hota hai … uski aankhon mein aankhen dalke dekho, darke bhaag jaata hai.
English Translation: Whenever you fear something in life, then simply stand in front of it. Fear itself is very timid … if you look into its eyes, it will run away.

Conclusion, let us summarize:

Movie Name: Junooniyat

Dialogue: Tumhari zindagi mein ek din aisa zaroor aayega, jab tum neend se jagogi aur apni life ko phir se rewind karke jeena chahogi … par tab waqt nahi hoga … humein jeena hai toh aaj jeeye, ab jeeye, ek doosre ke saath jeeye … taaki life phir kabhi rewind karne ki zaroorat na pade

English Translation: A day will definitely come in your life when you’ll wake up from your sleep and you’ll want to rewind your life to relive it once again.
But at that moment you won’t have any time. we should live in today. we should live in the present, we should live together … so that there’s never a need to rewind your life to relive it.

Movie Name: Kal Ho Naa Ho

Dialogue: Tumhare paas joh hai tumhare hisaab se kam hai … lekin kisi doosre ke nazar se dekho … toh tumhare paas bahut kuch hai.

English Translation: What you have is less according to you … but if you look at it from someone else’s view … then you have a lot.

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