If you want success, Stop being Average

If you’re not doing things that scare you, then you’re going to be average for the rest of your life.

If people are not laughing at your Goals, you certainly needs to revise them.

Now let’s discuss how to become great from Average:

  1. Take Action – Most of the people don’t take action and they wonder every day that there life is not in their control.
  2. Drop the excuses – Don’t say what if or I can’t, you should be honest with yourself and always try to address the areas you need to improve on.
  3. Reading Book every day – If you are not getting much time read at least half an hour.
  4. Leave your comfort Zone – You can only grow when you keep yourself challenging. I have already wrote three detailed post on the topic of comfort zone. Title and link of the post are given below, Go and read them.

Comfort Zone is Danger Zone

How to come out of comfort Zone

Life outside your comfort Zone

5. Learn something new at regular interval. This could be related to your vocation or profession or it could be anything small or big, but try and learn something new.

6. Set Goals – One need to have Goals in Life, else you will be wondering every day where life is going. I will try and create a couple of post on Goal setting very soon.

7.Unlock your full potentials – Everybody has some unique talent and potential to become great, only thing is to identify and unlock your potential. Wanna know how to unleash your hidden potential read this post explaining in detail each and every aspect of how you can unleash you hidden potential.

How to unleash your hidden potentials

8.Celebrate Small Success: This is very common thing which people often forgets. We should celebrate our each and every success be it very small or big.

9.Few quick one liners to give you a perspective and food for thoughts:

Don’t watch TV. TV controls us although Remote is in our hand.

Welcome the criticism and work on improving yourself.

Surround yourself with Great people, from whom you can learn new things.

Do regular exercise and eat healthy, Keep yourself fit and active.

Don’t complain no one likes it. Read more at Click here

Trying to make everyone happy, trust me you can’t. Try and make yourself happy, trust me you can.

One who blames others in Life, had given Remote Control of his / her life to someone else.

Don’t accept other people’s definition of life. It’s your life you have to define it.

You are born to Live not living because you are born.

In life you should have endless hope and not hopeless end. So Set Goals and define your life.

Don’t snooze your alarm, this is the very first thing which we only decided and not doing it. Think again. Fulfill your own commitment to yourself.

Improve yourself instead of proving yourself.

This list of one liners will go on and on, if you want me to write more of this let me know, will create another post for this.

Thanks for reading, now time to take action. Best of Luck….


Manish Malu

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