Choose your words wisely…


— Choose your words carefully ,There is power behind your words.

— They can be used for comfort or they can be used as a weapon.

— They can put a smile on someone’s face or tears in someone’s eyes.

— Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you.

— They can build someone up or they can tear someone down.

— Words have the power to make or break things, use them wisely.


Remember….always choose your words wisely!

Pass through this test before you speak

Test for speaking

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  1. nice flowchart!!!

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  2. The words can heal and they can hurt as well❀️

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  3. I love your posts!

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      Keep reading..😊😊

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    I should learn this by heart…

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      Thanks for reading and appreciating .. Yes we all are here to learn…

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