Some ironies of life…


  • Everybody wants food, but no one want to do farming.


  • Everybody wants to sit in shadow, but no one wants to grow and maintain trees.


  • Everybody wants water, but no one want to save water.


  • Everybody wants the truth, but no one wants to be honest.


  • Everybody wants a wife, but no one wants daughter.




28 thoughts on “Some ironies of life…

  1. Yup, so true.. but my father wanted a daughter before I was born to them😁!! There are exceptions in each and every cases that’s why the world is still running smooth..

  2. This post was so true and powerful! I do wish more people could have a better understanding of this! I am looking forward to reading more of your fabulous posts and hope you will check my site out as well. I aim to encourage and inspire others through my posts! I hope the rest of your Sunday is wonderful!!

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