Self – Confidence vs Ego

EGO: I am, I am , I am , No one else is important

Ego is when people value themselves the most and at the same time don’t bother about other’s values and emotions.

Nowadays people have Ego of their Knowledge but no knowledge of their Ego.


Self confidence: I am and yes every one else is

Self confidence is a state of mind where you feel yourself valuable and important, and at the same time value other’s value’s and emotions.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

We all must have self – confidence which is must in Life, but we should draw a line which we should not cross where the EGO starts:

The fine Line of Self – Confidence and EGO can be explained with below example:

  • I can do it – Self Confidence.
  • Only I can do it – Ego.


  • When you feel you are right – Self Confidence.
  • When you feel only you are right – Ego.


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