Life outside your comfort zone…

In my previous two post on comfort zone we discussed on disadvantages of comfort zone and how can we come out of comfort zone… Have a look at those post if you have not yet read…

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So now let’s analyze the advantages of coming out of the comfort zone:

More adaptive to change: Once you leave your comfort zone, you will become more adaptive to change and moreover you will yourself start bringing the change.

More Creative: Since now you are no more in comfort zone, your thinking pattern will change as now there won’t be any boundaries or limitation in your thinking. You will become more creative in thinking and approaching towards things in your life.

Knowing Self: Yes… once you will be out of your comfort zone, you will start knowing yourself better. Suddenly we will see yourself doing the things which you have never tried and thought you will never be able to do that.

More Productive: Comfort zone kills the productivity as you don’t start working unless the deadline approaches. So now you will be able to plan your task and you need not have to wait for deadlines. You will find suddenly your productivity is increasing.

Your life become exciting: When you were in your comfort zone, you were living a dull and monotonous life, but now you will feel your life is becoming more and more exciting as you started doing exciting things in your life.

Increase in Self – confidence: Coming out of your comfort zone will boost your confidence. You will start trusting yourself more. You now know that what you can do, which you might thought impossible when you were in your comfort zone.

More control over life: Now you will have more control over your life, you will now be able to drive your life. Now you are not going through your life, you will be growing through your life.

— It will open new doors of opportunities for you, which you never knew were there.

— You will now know that there is nothing called ‘failure’ in life. There is only ‘learning’.

— You will surely discover things you love.

— You will definitely build new relationships and improve you current ones.

So with this third post on the topic, we have discussed and analyzed the disadvantages of being in comfort zone, how to come out of comfort zone and advantages and life outside of the comfort zone.

Now its your turn on pen down your comfort zone and how can you come out of the comfort zone with the help of what we have discussed.

Best of Luck….


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