How to develop Social skills…

Here is the simple yet very effective and proven methods of developing social skills:

— Learn people’s name :- We feel really good if in the second meeting people remember our name and address us with our name. Remembering the name of the person is very important thing.

— Encourage others to talk about themselves:- When you speak, you say what you know, but when you listen you will definitely learn something new.

— Interrupt less:- The best appreciation we can give a person is ‘attentive and interesting listening’. So be a Good Listener.

— Ask questions where people can answer much more than simple “Yes” or “No”

— listen with intent to learn and understand:- we often listen to reply not to understand, but if we listen to understand we can develop good relationship.

— promote others good work :– So if you like this post you can share this and drop your favorite post in comment section so that I can read your post.

— Offer genuine compliments and appreciation

— Read Books about social skills

— say please and thank you these two words cost nothing but can create huge value for the other person.

— Give without expecting a get, but I bet you will definitely get if not from the same person then from others.

— Pay attention to your body language, when you speak as well as when you listen.

— Stay up to date on current news and stories so that you have something to talk about

— don’t respond to negativity

— don’t nitpick, no one is perfect try to understand people.

— be positive, be happy…..

Check list for knowing your progress on social skills: Give yourself a ranting from 1 to 5 (where 1 is ‘Never’ and 5 is ‘Always’) for below questions:

— Are you aware of what types of emotions you are feeling

— Can you easily ask for help

— Can you say sorry when you have done something wrong

— How easily and how frequently you say ‘Thank you’

— How much comfortable you are in receiving negative feedback

— how comfortable you are in introducing two people

— How much you are comfortable in starting a conversation

— How easily you can give compliment to other person.

— Rate yourself as a Good Listener

— Rate yourself in understanding other people’s feeling.

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  1. seema says:

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  6. Riman Ray says:

    So very true.. please and thank you are magical words…
    Thanks for sharing this 😊

    1. Manish Malu says:

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  7. anju90 says:

    It is just to learn social skills..nice post..we really need it in this digital world..

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