Daily Motivation – Day 37

— Life is too short to worry about haters. They don’t deserve to be an issue in your life. Think about the people who love and support you.

— I have not time to hate people who hate me because I am too busy in loving people who loves me.

Good morning… Have a great day…



  1. anju90 says:

    yes true…there are many other who loves us with heart

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Thanks for appreciation..😊😊

  2. Sometimes I see a post that just nails my where my thoughts are and this is it. I take a lot from this post and it’s my success that I must use to beat the haters

    1. Manish Malu says:

      This means a lot to me… Thanks for appreciations… Whenever u get time read other posts also… Hope u will like them too😊😊

  3. Riman Ray says:

    2nd one is my favourite.
    I’m too busy in loving the people who loves me.
    Have a nice day, dear friend.

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Thanks dear… You too have a great day… Btw I had dinner with my office friends yesterday… So my bday week was great….😊😊

      1. Riman Ray says:

        That’s great.
        Always be happy… keep sharing and keep motivating.

      2. Manish Malu says:

        Thanks dear😊😊

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Thanks for appreciation 😊😊

  4. Manessah B. says:

    Wonderful thought, Manish! πŸ™‚

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Thank you so much my friend 😊😊

      1. Manessah B. says:

        You are very welcome! Hope you have a beautiful day, my friend! ☺️☺️

      2. Manish Malu says:

        Thanks for your wishes dear… 😊😊.. you too have a great day… Btw from which country u r…

      3. Manessah B. says:

        You are very welcome, my friend! 😊😊
        I actually live in the United States.

      4. Manish Malu says:

        Great… So it will be night there…😊😊

      5. Manessah B. says:

        Yes! It is night for me, though I am a night owl, so a lot of times I am up when the other side of the world is greeting the sun! lol 😁☺️

      6. Manish Malu says:

        Haha… Great… So you write ur posts in night…

      7. Manessah B. says:

        Haha… yeah, sometimes I write at night, if I can’t sleep. Sometimes insomnia wins. lol

      8. Manish Malu says:

        Ohh God…. What’s your profession…Hope u won’t mind m asking so many questions…πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ€”

      9. Manessah B. says:

        haha! No problem at all! I’m actually a student (Music Major) in college. Studying Music Production and Engineering. 😊

      10. Manish Malu says:

        That’s great… Happy to know u more my friend…😊😊

      11. Manessah B. says:

        Thank you, Manish! It was a pleasure chatting with you, my friend! ☺️☺️

      12. Manish Malu says:

        My pleasure dear… Same here….😊😊

      13. Manessah B. says:


      14. Manish Malu says:

        Good night … Sweet dreams… Take care…😊😊

      15. Manessah B. says:

        Thank you, my friend. 😊

      16. Manish Malu says:


      17. Manessah B. says:


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