Daily Motivation – Day 28

Everyday habits that drain your energy:

1. Taking things personally.
2. Holding on to the past.
3. Over-stressing.
4. Sleeping in late.
5. Having a poor diet.
6. Complaining all the time.
7. Overthinking.
8. Gossiping.
9. Not living in the moment.
10. Trying to please everyone.

Good morning… Have a great day…

Author: Manish Malu

By profession I am a Chartered Accountant, working in MNC. Book Reading is my passion, I normally read Books related to Self-development, Motivation, Leadership, Spirituality etc and reads blogs and watch Videos on these topics. The sprit to share the learned knowledge, brought me here so that I can write blogs and inspire myself and others with my work.

32 thoughts on “Daily Motivation – Day 28”

      1. My introversion is actually something which I’m fighting since my childhood because of which I have to face a lot of things many harsh words and many many things.. hope to overcome that someday

      2. May the world understand this and respect the difference and stop hurting us with their cruelty and wickedness

      3. If you r comfortable can you please tell me in little details… Not here over mail..
        Whenever u r comfortable 🤗🤗🤗❤❤

  1. I liked this post but honestly, I am in practice of few things on your list… 😋 I know it’s not good and thanks for such post for reminding me of my bad traits… nice positivity 😊🤗

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