Daily Motivation – Day 21

— People often say motivation does not lasts. Well, neither does bathing. That is why daily dose of Motivation is required.

Ability is what you’re capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do and Attitude determines how well you do it.

Good Morning … Have a great day…



  1. This is so true. O M G YOU ARE TOOOOO GOOOD

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Thanks a ton dear ❀…Lots of appreciation coming from you… I am very happy…😊😊

      1. It’s no big deal. You deserve all the appreciation you can get

      2. Manish Malu says:

        Thanks a lot…😊😊

  2. AnamcharaO says:


  3. So true! Once you lose your motivation then you definitely lose.

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Yes true… Thanks for your appreciation 😊😊

      1. I write similar content at my blog.Please do check it out when you are free. 😊

      2. Manish Malu says:


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