Daily Motivation – Day 8

— There is no market for your emotions.So never advertise your feelings.
Just display your attitude.

— If you can’t change your Fate, change you Attitude.

— Attitude is a little thing which makes a big difference.


Good Morning Have a great day…


18 thoughts on “Daily Motivation – Day 8

      1. Yes Ria I do agree… But those people you can count on fingers… By point was on advertising your feelings…
        Probably those few people will understand u even if you didn’t shared ur feelings…😊😊 What u say…


      2. Yup, but I feel there’s nothing wrong to display what we feel. There’s nothing to be robotic. We are humans, we have emotions and there’s nothing bad in displaying that.

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      3. Yes I am not saying there is anything bad about sharing your feelings… With whom we share our feelings is important… Because very few people will be concerned about your feelings… And out of those only 1 or 2 will be genuinely concerned..


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