For getting Success….

Joh insaan apni zid ko iraade mein badal de … us insaan ko apni manzil tak pahunchne se koi nahi rok sakta

A person that transforms his stubbornness into his intention … no one can stop that person from reaching his destination

Aadmi agar achche mann aur lagan se kaam kare … toh nothing is impossible

If a man works with a clean heart and devotion … then nothing is impossible

Jeevan mai jeene k liye kuchh nahi h…jab tak aapke paas marne ke liye kuchh nahi h.

Life is not worth living … till you don’t have something to die for

Anushasan sabse zaroori yahi hai … iske baad kadi mehnat, lagan aur apne aapko sabit karne ki ichcha … I think agar yeh chaar ghun kisi mein bhi ho toh woh zaroor safal hoga

Discipline is the most important thing … after that hard work, dedication and the desire to prove yourself … I think if someone has these four qualities then he will definitely be successful.

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  1. Ria says:

    Great to know that Mr. Positive!!!..😁 and I am glad that you like the Title.

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Yes I like it😊😊… Thanks again…😊

      1. Ria says:

        You’re welcome.

  2. Ria says:

    All of them are the definition of a dedicated person, but the 3rd one touched my heart more. Again a great post Mr. Positive 😁!!

    1. Manish Malu says:

      Thanks dear 😊😊.. I always wait for your comment…😊😊
      Mr. Positive… Thanks for this title…😊

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