Nothing is impossible… Triple century in ODI…

It was 24th February 2010, India vs South Africa 2nd One Day International (Overall ODI no 2962) of the tour of India by South Africa at Captain Roop Singh Stadium, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

Toss: Kallis has called heads, it’s a tail. Dhoni says India will bat.

Sehwag and Tendulkar to open. Sehwag to face Dale Steyn from over the wicket.

The two on-field umpires are Ian Gould and SK Tarapore. They are walking out on to the field along with the players. The man behind the television is SS Hazare.

At the end of 49th Over Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was on 199* and India was on 385/3. India have a mammoth score and while Dhoni’s making hay at the other end, the crowd has its eyes set on just one thing…..

M S Dhoni was on strike for the last over of the inning.

Charl Langeveldt to bowl the final over ….

1st Ball to MS Dhoni … Langeveldt to Dhoni, SIX, but Dhoni’s holding them up, full and wide and it was all wrist this time, just a jab at it sails over the wide long-off boundary, into the stands again.

2nd Ball to MS Dhoni … 1 run, swings it away wide of deep midwicket, every chance of a second as Amla dives to his left but Tendulkar and Dhoni agree mutually to just stick to a single.

And now, Tendulkar’s batting on 199…

3rd Ball of Charl Laneveldt over …. Langeveldt to Tendulkar, 1 run, single to reach the first double-hundred in ODIs, steered behind point, takes off his helmet and waves to the crowd, which is on its feet, so are his team-mates in the dressing room, Tendulkar’s soaking all the adulation.

And that impossible is achieved…..

Before Sachin Tendulkar had done this in 2962nd One Day International, No one had thought that it can ever be achieved. Before this a total number of 2961 ODIs had been played. Players like Saeed Anwar and Charles Coventry had scored 194 runs in an inning, but double century had not been scored.

But when Sachin had first scored the double century then other player started thinking that it is possible to score a double century in a 50 over match. Soon after Sachin had scored double century on 24th Feb 2010, Virender Sehwag had scored a double Century on 8th December 2011 i.e. after 1 year 288 days or after just 261 ODIs, Sehwag had broken the record of Sachin of 200 run and scored 219.

After that Rohit Sharma scored 209 on 2nd November 2009 i.e. after 1 year 330 days or after just 205 ODIs.

Currently, while Virender Sehwag, Chris Gayle and Martin Guptill have all scored the double ton in ODIs, no one has done it more than the current Indian opener Rohit Sharma. He has achieved that mark not once, not twice but thrice. The Mumbai batsman also holds the record of scoring most runs in an ODI innings which is 264. The 30-year old batsman wreaked havoc at Sri Lankan bowlers in 2014 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata to flirt around the triple ton mark in ODIs.

In a recent interview to Times of India, he was asked if such an act is possible in ODIs. 

Rohit did not rule out the chances of a triple century in ODI as he said, “anything is possible on a day when things go your way”

“I was asked after scoring 264 was if I could’ve touched 300. In T20s too, you score a hundred and the question is if a 200 is possible. I want to keep telling them, ‘guys please relax’. Only 36 runs separate a 264 and 300, so what’s the big deal? That’s how it’s seen.


“There are many things that seem impossible only so long as one does not attempt them.”
― André Gide

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Once the Sachin Tendulkar had attempted it, other players also done it and now we have total of 7 double centuries scored in One Day International.

To turn the impossible into possible you must be patient and should always look for the best opportunity and when the opportunity come give your 100% and you will surely turn impossible into possible.

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“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.” – Marcus Aurelius

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” – Alexander the Great


Is duniya mai Asambhav kuchh nahi h. Hum vo sab kar sakte h, jo hum soch sakte h, or hum vo sab soch sakte h, jo aaj tak humne nahi socha.

 Nothing is impossible

Best of Luck!!!

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